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Spathiphyllum, generally known as peace liliy, is a genus of 50-60 species of the flowering plants. They are native to America and South East Asia. Because of their decorative leaves, and long-lasting flowers, several of them are popular houseplants. They belong to the Araceae. Even though they are called lillies, they are not closely related to the true liliy family, Lillaceae. They are perennial, and grow from bulbs, same as the true lilies.

Common houseplant[change | change source]

Spathiphyllum is commonly grown as a houseplant. There are many cultivars. As houseplants, they are said to have an air-cleaning effect. They are very toxic to cats and dogs, but only milly toxic to humans and other animals. Spathiphyllum species contain Calcium oxalate, which may cause skin irritations, a burning sensation and difficulty swallowing. They are not as toxic as the true lilies.