Sporosarcina ureae

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Sporosarcina ureae
Scientific classification
Sporosarcina ureae

(Beijerinck 1901) Kluyver and van Niel 1936

Sporosarcina ureae is a species of bacteria. It is the type species of its genus and is closely related to Bacillus species. It lives in the soil. It is able to break down urea. Therefore, the name (Latin: urea).[1] The cells are coccoid. It has some flagella. Sporosarcina ureae is heterotrophic. It is aerobic, it needs oxygen.[1]

Ecology[change | change source]

Sporosarcina ureae is one of the bacteria which can make use of urea, it has the enzyme urease. It is often found in soils where are large amounts of urine like meadows where cows are kept.[1] It is also found in manure.[2]

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