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A stairlift or stair lift is a special type of chair.[1] The user sits in the chair and it moves him or her up the stairs. Stairlifts are often used by people who are handicapped or cannot walk up the stairs.

Stairlifts travel on rails that are bolted to the staircase, not the wall. Most stairlifts have a battery-powered motor. The battery allows the user to ride the lift even if the power goes out.

Types of stairlifts[change | change source]

Straight Rail Stair Lifts - A straight rail stair lift is the most common type of stair lift on the market because it’s designed for the types of stairs most common in homes. With a straight rail stair lift, the rail is attached to the treads of the stairs by legs and are spaced approximately a foot apart.

Curved Rail Stair Lifts - Curved rail stair lift mapped to the unique curvature of a staircase as a result, the planning and installation process can be a bit more expensive since it requires more unique customisation and a potentially longer rail.

Platform Stair Lifts - Wheelchair or platform stair lifts take the standard seat-style stair lift but add enough room for a wheelchair to be carried up stairs. These stair lifts can necessitate more power than traditional curved or straight rail stair lifts as well, and are therefore most common in commercial buildings, hospitals, or assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

References[change | change source]

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