Stan Smith (American Dad!)

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Stan Smith
American Dad! character
First appearance"Pilot"
Created bySeth MacFarlane
Voiced bySeth MacFarlane
Full nameStan Smith
OccupationCIA Officer
Spouse(s)Francine, Thundercat (Divorced), Joanna (Divorced)
ChildrenHayley and Steve
RelativesParents: Betty, Jack and Hercules (Step-Father)
Half brother: Rusty
Non-human housemate: Roger and Klaus

Stan Smith (born November 22, 1967) is the main fictional cartoon character of American Dad!. He is voiced by Seth MacFarlane. Smith works for the CIA in Langley Falls, Virginia.[1]

He is a Republican and his hero is Ronald Reagan. He is often makes bad decisions or lies, but at the end learns his lesson. MacFarlane says that Smith is based on Archie Bunker in All in the Family.

When Stan was young, his father left his mother because he was on the run from the police. His father, Jack, is a burglar.

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