Ste-Anne Church (Ottawa)

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Ste-Anne Catholic Church
Ste-Anne's Church Ottawa.jpg
Ste-Anne Catholic Church
Location528 Old St. Patrick Street in the Lowertown neighbourhood of Ottawa, Ontario
Founder(s)Bishop Guigues
DedicationSaint Anna
Functional statusActive
Heritage designationDesignated heritage property
Architect(s)J.P. LeCourt.
Architectural typeFrench Colonial Revival[1]
ParishSt. Clement Parish
ArchdioceseArchdiocese of Ottawa
ProvinceEcclesiastical province of Ottawa
Official nameSte-Anne Roman Catholic Church

Ste-Anne is a Catholic church building in the Lowertown neighbourhood of Ottawa, Canada.[1] It was built in 1873 by architect J.P. LeCourt. It is built like churches in Quebec even though it is in Ontario.[2] Ste-Anne is the home of St. Clement Parish, a bilingual parish community that celebrates the Mass and other sacraments in Latin using the 1962 Roman Missal.

History[change | change source]

In the 1870s, the French Catholics in Ottawa were meeting at Notre-Dame Cathedral. This church was too small for them, so Bishop Joseph-Bruno Guigues decided to make a new church. The church was designed by J.P. LeCourt and built by Pierre Rocque. Bishop Guigues laid the cornerstone on May 4, 1873.[2]

In April 2009, part of the roof fell down. The church was closed for 18 months while the roof was fixed. When the church was opened again, not many people were meeting there anymore, so the Archdiocese of Ottawa closed it again.[3] Archbishop Terrence Prendergast gave the church to St. Clement Parish, who started to meet there on June 3, 2012.[4][5]

Heritage Designation[change | change source]

Ste-Anne Catholic Church is an important building in the history of Ottawa. The province of Ontario lists it as a designated heritage property. The church has a plaque that describes the history of the church.[1]

Architecture[change | change source]

The building is plain and made of stone. It has a round rose window like churches used to have in the Middle Ages. It has a steeple with four bells.[2]

References[change | change source]

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