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Adriaen van Ostade. Self portrait. 1663. Gemäldegalerie.

A studio is a place where an artist can work. Studios can be used for many things, such as photography, broadcasting, painting, making movies, television shows, cartoons, or music.

Movie studio[change | change source]

A movie studio is where movies are made and produced. It can be indoors, outdoors, or both.

Television studio[change | change source]

A television studio is where video production takes place. It usually contains cameras, microphones, speakers, and spotlights. It is similar to a movie studio.

Recording studio[change | change source]

A recording studio is used for recording music, speech, or other kinds of sound. They are typically divided into three areas: an "isolation room" that has soundproofing for playing instruments and to prevent echo, a "live room" for general recording, and a "control room" to store the recording equipment that DJ's use.