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Sumatran rhinoceros

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Sumatran Rhinoceros
Scientific classification
D. sumatrensis
Binomial name
Dicerorhinus sumatrensis

The Sumatran Rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis) is a member of the family Rhinocerotidae and one of five extant rhinoceroses. It is the smallest rhinoceros, standing about 120–145 centimetres (3.9–4.8 ft) high at the shoulder, with a body length of 250 centimetres (98 in) and weight of 500–800 kilograms (1100–1760 lb).

The Sumatran rhinoceros is a small, hairy rhinoceros which survives in limited numbers in pockets of Indonesian and Malaysian rain forests. Only three institutions showcase Sumatran rhinos, the Cincinnati Zoo, the Los Angeles Zoo, and the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary in Borneo. The sumatran rhino ldie between 30 to 40 years