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Suncheon is a city of Korea. It belongs to Jeollanam-do. 70% of Suncheon is composed of mountains and the city has the greatest number of mountains in the province. An average temperature for the year of the city is 12.5℃ and the average temperature for January is -0.5℃ and that for August is 25.2℃. Since Suncheon fronts the southern sea, the city is relatively warm during the winter by the effect of oceanic climate.

Suncheon is famous among Korea travelers due to its beautiful tourist attractions and local food of great taste. Among many spots, Suncheon bay is the most well-known. It was selected as one of the top 5 coastal wetlands in the world. The large mud flat stretches out and several kinds of birds and other living creatures live there. Also, the wide field of reeds along the waterside forms magnificent view. The Suncheon bay reeds festival is held every October and it gets great reputation.

Since the city is located nearby sea, dishes made of diverse fresh fish highly attract those who visit Suncheon. Especially, thanks to the well-protected ecological environment, mudskippers which exist usually in the very clean mud flat are seen in the Suncheon bay. They are used for cooking in Suncheon and the dish is very famous for its greater taste than any other region in the country.