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The Sword of Reinheimen is a sword that was found in Norway in 2017 - in the county of Oppland.[1] The age of the sword: Some archeologists think it is from 800 A.D. to early 10th century.[1]

The sword was found at an altitude of 1640 m;[1] and the sword is thought to be in a good condition, in part because it was found in a scree, without the sword being in contact with soil.

The sword was found by a reindeer hunter (while hunting), in the county of Oppland.[1]

A "viking sword", it has been called.[1]

On 4 September 2017 archeologists were taken to the exact place, where the sword was found.[1] The find was reported by media, later that week.

Studying the sword[change | change source]

On 4 September 2017, "archeologists from Lillehammer" looked closely at the sword.[1] The sword is expected to come to Museum of Cultural History, Oslo (en) [later in 2017].[1]

Possible reasons for why the sword came to rest[change | change source]

The sword could have belonged to somebody who died outside.[1]

The sword could have belonged to somebody traveling across snow, and the sword could have been lost in snow.[1]

The area where the sword was found, is a place used for hunting reindeer. Reindeer hunters often sneak up on reindeers, and sometimes the hunters leave things somewhere outside (while trying to sneak towards reindeer), and sometimes those things can not be easily found, especially when there is snow on the ground.[1]

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