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Votive Church of Szeged
Water tower
Telephone tower

Szeged is a city in Hungary. It is the fourth-largest city of the country by population.

Szeged and the surrounding area have been inhabited since ancient times. The University of Szeged is one of the most renowned universities in Hungary.[1]

Landmarks[change | change source]

The town center is recognizable by two important landmarks:

Other landmarks in Szeged:

Connections[change | change source]

Two motorways and two national roads are connected with Szeged:

  • The terminal junction of M5 is located to the west of Szeged and heading north to Budapest.
  • The M43 starts from the M5 and heads towards the Romanian border.
  • The road 47 goes north from Szeged and eventually reaches Debrecen.
  • The road 55 goes west from Szeged, and spans into M6.

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