Taco truck

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Taco Truck

A taco truck is a truck that sells tacos and other types of Mexican food. Some taco trucks also deal in fusion cuisine. It is one of the most common types of food trucks. In most taco trucks, the food is made in the truck. Taco trucks and other food trucks are common around colleges, as college students often eat at them. Though there are taco trucks all over the world, they are most often seen in Los Angeles and other Mexican-American cities. In many cities, such as Los Angeles, regular restaurants have tried to shut down taco trucks. This is because taco trucks sell food at a lower price than many restaurants. Taco trucks have been criticized in the past for being dirty and unhealthy, but this is not the case anymore. Chicago is the only city in the United States which does not allow cooking on food trucks but Taquero Fusion, Chicago's Original Taco Truck, managed to figure out a way to provide gourmet tacos to their customers.

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