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Tainan County (Chinese:台南縣; Taiwanese: Tâi-lâm-koān) is a county in Southern Taiwan . The name "Tainan" means simply "Southern Taiwan".

Townships[change | change source]

Tongyong Pinyin Hanzi
Baihe Township 白河鎮
Jiali Township 佳里鎮
Madou Township 麻豆鎮
Shanhua Township 善化鎮
Sinhua Township 新化鎮
Syuejia Township 學甲鎮
Yanshuei Township 鹽水鎮
Anding Township 安定鄉
Beimen Township 北門鄉
Cigu Township 七股鄉
Danei Township 大內鄉
Dongshan Township 東山鄉
Guantian Township 官田鄉
Gueiren Township 歸仁鄉
Houbi Township 後壁鄉
Jiangjyun Township 將軍鄉
Lioujia Township 六甲鄉
Liouying Township 柳營鄉
Nanhua Township 南化鄉
Nansi Township 楠西鄉
Rende Township 仁德鄉
Shanshang Township 山上鄉
Siaying Township 下營鄉
Sigang Township 西港鄉
Sinshih Township 新市鄉
Sinying City 新營市
Yongkang City 永康市
Yujing Township 玉井鄉
Zuojhen Township 左鎮鄉

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