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Is the population 7-8 million, or 78 million?

Removed section[change source]

I removed this section, as it was clearly added in good faith, but needs to be cleaned up and ideally sourced before placed back in (and some of it is redundant):

capitol:sofia,south eastern Europ, Bulgaria borders live other countries Romania to the north , Serbia republic of Macedonia , Grece, Turkey

President:Georgi Pasvanov, Primer Minister: Boyko Borisov

Bulgaria ranks as one of the top world producers of agricultural commodities such as anise, sunflower seed, raspberries tabacco Chili Peppers, Flax fibre

The Parliament of the Republic of Bulgaria Narodno Sabranie , consists of 240 members

coording to study published L'ONU summer 2007 , The bulgaria ranks 4th Global site the growth rate of persons aged 60 years. Kansan (talk) 02:50, 11 April 2010 (UTC)