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I have removed a link from "private" as it was pointing to a rank in a military, which is not what is meant by "private education". — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk)

The title "education" well, the education words itself says what education is.The education has three types & they are as follow: Formal education, non formal education, informal education.The education definition is still not satisfactory so I have given few defination.The education is a power way which teaches person which way is right to walk& how to walk on the way& helps to get their destination after the certain time. On the one hand its shows the way where a person walks on with kindling light.if a person follows the direction given by the education then definitely she/he can get there anyhow.But the education must be up to date as time changing itself.The education system that is used in European countris is also available here in Nepal but that is limited to only higher class people not for the common people.The political parties have access tomake the education eequal to every citizen but they have not shown their interest in this matter.Theeeducation must make anyone to have job after certain level completion.By mahendra niraula from ishibu.