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See "change source" above? On Wikipedia, you can change articles right now. You do not need an account to change pages.

What is Wikipedia?

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Wikipedia is an encyclopedia that is written by many of its readers. It is a special type of website called a wiki, that makes working together easy. Many people are always improving Wikipedia, making many changes every day, all of which are recorded on article histories and recent changes. Changes which do not help the encyclopedia are usually removed quickly, and people who keep making bad changes can be blocked from changing.

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How can I help? Don't be afraid to changeanyone can change almost any page, and we encourage you to be bold! Find something that can be improved and make it better. Maybe you know something about a subject that is not in the article, maybe you want to fix a spelling mistake. Go ahead and make that change!

You can't break Wikipedia. Anything can be fixed or improved later. So click "change this page" and help make Wikipedia the best information source on the Internet!

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  1. Click here to add a new section. (If there are already sections under "Test changes", you can also click on the appropriate "change" link and change someone else's text.)
  2. Type a subject line and some text
  3. Please, remember that Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia, not a forum, chat site or your own website! Do not add profanity, things that are not true, or things that attack people.
  4. Sign by entering four tildes (~~~~) or by clicking on the signature button. Button sig.png This will automatically produce your name and the date.
  5. Click Show preview to test your changes, or Save page to make your changes.
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