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Comments[change source]

  • "Shortly thereafter, Boris rapidly strengthened into a hurricane." - Very complex sentence.
  • "Just as an eye began to form, Boris made landfall in Mexico with peak winds of 85 mph (140 kn/h)." - Another complex sentence, but this time we have jargon to boot.
  • "Boris originated from a tropical wave that moved of Africa June 8." - Grammatically incorrect.
  • "It passed near the Cape Verde Island with no convection." - More jargon, complexity.
  • "The wave was very poorly defined on satellite imagery for many days." - This would mean nothing to a non-hurricane enthusiast, much less one who only understands basic English.
  • "The first signs of a circulation on satellite imagery appeared on the 26th, centered about 250 miles south of the Gulf of Tehuantepec." - Again, complexity and jargon.
  • "The system became a tropical depression on the 27th when convective banding increased around the center." - Same.
  • "At its first advisory, it was noted that it get better organized." - Same.
  • "At that time, tropical storm warnings went up for Mexico." - This shouldn't be in the met. history section.
  • "It was also noted the Aviation model forecast Tropical Depression Four-E to make landfall in Mexico as a weak tropical storm in 12 hours." - Jargon and complexity.
  • "At the same time the Ukmet model had Tropical Depression Four-E remaining offshore Mexico." - Same.
  • "The tropical cyclone moved northwestward at 8 to 10 knots for the next two days and strengthened from 25 knots to 80 knots during a 36-hour period, with a ragged eye appearing on satellite imagery just before landfall on the afternoon of June 29 at a peak intensity of 85 nmi (157.42 km), making Boris a moderate Category 1 hurricane." - Long, rambling, nonsensical sentence.

I'm going to stop there, since this article needs extensive work, if not a complete rewrite. I also note that it's been primarily copied from enwiki. –Juliancolton | Talk 01:35, 23 June 2009 (UTC)