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= A magnet is a piece of matter that already has a magnetic field. Magnets exist in nature, like the earth, but are more commonly created by processing materials so as to maximize their magnetic properties. The magnetic field created by a magnet is a closed loop like a rubber band in space. It also has characteristics like a stretched rubber band in that it wants to be as short as possible, so it will pull together magnetic materials in such a manner as to make that happen. It also interacts with the electrons of the atom to try to force them to move in a certain direction when they come into contact (cut) the magnetic field. Then the force acts to cause the electrons to move within the material in a certain direction, and if the electrons cant move within the material, a force will occur that physically tries to move the material. Within electrically conductive materials (conductors) the interaction of electrons with the magnetic field will cause an electric current (flow of electrons) to move through the conductor. And when current flows through a conductor it is noticed than an electromagnetic field occurs within a ring of space outside the conductor and that the characteristics of that field are the same as the natural field of a magnet. Thus magnets are made of materials having natural or induced magnetic fields which interaact with the electrostatic field properties of the atoms. WFPMWFPM (talk) 01:35, 26 October 2008 (UTC)