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Formula and diagram[change source]

I dont understand and I think there is an error in this article. - The given formula is Na3PO3 - the picture show HPO3(2-) + 2 Na+ (so formula is HNa2PO3)

So the formula is not the same as the picture. Which is right? — This unsigned comment was added by ( (talk • changes) at 07:45, 5 November 2015‎ UTC.

Hi and thank you for this question. I am not a chemist but have a medical background, so I understand how to read laboratory results values that come with chemical formulas. So yes, the image file was definately not correct. It does only show 2 Na+. I have removed it and cannot find another available to replace it. I also have written the formula as: Na3O3P. This is how the webpage ChemSpider has it. They also have a correct diagram, so I have placed a link to that on the article page. Thanks again! Fylbecatulous talk 15:24, 6 November 2015 (UTC)