Tamaz V. Gamkrelidze

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Tamaz (Thomas) V. Gamkrelidze (Georgian თამაზ გამყრელიძე) (October 23, 1929 – February 10, 2021) was a Georgian linguist, orientalist and public benefactor, Academician (beginning in 1974) and President (2005–2013) of the Georgian Academy of Sciences (GAS), Doctor of Sciences (1963), Professor (1964).

Gamkrelidze was born in Kutaisi. His brother Revaz Gamkrelidze, was also an academician and a famous mathematician.

Gamkrelidze died at the age of 91.[1]

Some of the main works of Tamaz Gamkrelidze[change | change source]

  • The Akkado-Hittite syllabary and the problem of the origin of the Hittite script, "Archiv Orientalni" (vol. 29). 1960
  • Anatolian languages and the problem of Indo-European migration to Asia Minor, Studies in General and Oriental Linguistics. Tokyo, 1970
  • Alphabetic writing and the old Georgian script. New York, Caravan Books, 1994
  • with V. Vs. Ivanov: "Indo-European language and Indoeuropeans" (vols. I-II). Berlin / New York, 1994-1995

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