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The Tanoli is a Pashtun tribe in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, and some eastern part of Afghanistan. The Tanoli tribe is also known as TanoKhel in Afghanistan and belong from Ghilji confederation of Pashtun.

Notable people:

Mir Jehandad Khan Tanoli, was a tribal chief of the Tanoli people Nawabzada Farid Salahuddin Tanoli, Pakistani politician Sanjay Khan, Indian film actor, producer, director Akbar Khan, Indian film actor, screenwriter, producer and director Feroz Khan, former Indian actor, film editor, producer and director Fardeen Khan, former Indian film actor Zayed Khan, Indian actor and producer

Added notable people in Tanoli tribe names are given below;

Pakistan Navy Cdr Muhammad Shahidd Iqbal Tanoli

Muzaffarabad Tigers is owned by Mr. Arshad Khan Tanoli.

Abbotabad High Court Bar Association, President Haji Sabir Tanoli.


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