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Reign 1370-1405
Coronation 1370, Balkh
Born April 8, 1336(1336-04-08)
Birthplace Shahrisabz, Uzbekistan
Died February 18, 1405(1405-02-18) (aged 68)
Place of death Otrar, Syr Darya
Buried Gur-e Amir, Samarkand
Predecessor Amir Husayn
Successor Khalil Sultan
Royal House Timurid
Father Muhammad Taraghai
Mother Tekina Mohbegim
Religious beliefs Islam

Tamerlane (8 April 1336 – 18 February 1405) was a Turkic conqueror in the 14th century. His real name is Tīmūr bin Taraghay Barlas. He is also known by these names: Temur, Taimur, Timur Lenk, Timur-i Leng, Temur-e Lang, Amir Timur, Aqsaq Timur, and Tamburlaine. He invaded Delhi in 1398 and masaccred thousands. Timur succeeded in establishing a vast empire which included Transoxiana, a part of Turkistan, Afghanistan, Persia, Syria, Qurdistan, Baghdad, Georgia and the major part of Asia Minor. He successfully looted southern Russia and several parts of India. Delhi was perhaps the worst sufferer. It is said of Timur’s invasions, “Wherever he went he brought about destruction, massacres, burning, looting and dishonour to women”.Timur is considered the last of the great nomadic conquerors of the Eurasian Steppe, and his empire set the stage for the rise of the more structured and lasting Gunpowder Empires in the 1500s and 1600s.

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