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This template is shorthand for Template:Bibleverse.

Usage[change source]

{{bibleref|Book|Chapter:Verse|Optional Translation}}

For example, these:



 Genesis 1:1
 Genesis 1:1

Abbreviations for bible versions[change source]

A list of sources and codes is at the Bible Verse Finder.

Here is a sample list (this list is subject to change, please check link above). Use either letter abbreviations in caps or the numerical value.

Code Number Title
AB 45 Amplified Bible
ASV 8 American Standard Version
CEV 46 Contemporary English Version
DAR 16 Darby Translation
DR 63 Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition
ESV 47 English Standard Version
GNT 86 Good News Translation
HCSB 77 Holman Christian Standard Bible
HE 105 Hebrew-English - parallel MT and JPS 1917 (Mechon Mamre)
JP 125 Hebrew-English - parallel MT and JP Tanakh (Jewish Bible)
JP 126 Hebrew-English - parallel MT and JP Tanakh (Jewish Bible) with Rashi commentary
KJ21 48 21st Century King James Version
KJV 9 King James Version
TM 65 The Message
NASB 49 New American Standard Bible
NCV 78 New Century Version
NIRV 76 New International Reader's Version
NIV 31 New International Version
NIVUK 64 New International Version - UK
NKJV 50 New King James Version
NLT 51 New Living Translation
NLV 74 New Life Version
TNIV 72 Today's New International Version
WNT 53 Wyclif's Bible
YLT 15 Young's Literal Translation

A list of sources and codes that may be used to trigger them is at the Bible Verse Finder.

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