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Purpose[change source]

  1. For a biography article of an individual who has authored plant names, provide the standard author abbreviation used for that individual.
  2. Include the article in Category:Botanists.

Usage[change source]

{{botanist|author abbreviation|author name, surname first}}
Author abbreviation

To encourage consistency the ICBN recommends (Recommendation 46A, Note 1) the use of Brummitt & Powell's Authors of plant names (1992), where each author of a botanical name has been assigned a unique abbreviation. [1][2] These standard abbreviations can be found at the IPNI, Author Query page. For example in:

  • Lens Mill. the abbreviation "Mill." refers to Philip Miller.
  • Lens culinaris Medik. the abbreviation "Medik." refers to the botanist with the birth name Friedrich Kasimir Medikus.
Author name

This is the name of the article in which the template is placed, refactored if necessary to place the surname first. For example, Philip Miller would become Miller, Philip, but Kim Dong Ho remains Kim Dong Ho, because "Kim" is the surname. Because the sorting rules of Wikipedia are fixed, and may not match the sorting of any given language, diacriticals should either be converted (Johann Lucas Schönlein becomes Schoenlein, Johann Lucas) or removed (Julián Acuña Galé becomes Acuna Gale, Julian).

References[change source]

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