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This template will categorize tagged articles into Category:Self-contradictory articles.

Usage[change source]

This template is used to mark sentences or phrases that contradict material in the same article. To mark a sentence or phrase that contradicts something in a different article, use {{contradict-inline}} instead.

{{contradiction-inline |reason= |date=}}

Parameters[change source]


This template allows an optional date parameter that records when the tag was added. If this template is added without the date parameter, the date parameter will be added soon after by a bot.


Because it may not be immediately apparent to other editors where contradictions lie in an article, it is generally helpful to add a brief explanation to the tag: {{contradiction-inline|reason=location of the contradicting information}} (this is preferable to using a HTML <!-- comment --> after the tag, as it is more tidy to keep all of the {{contradiction-inline}}-related code inside the template). If the explanation would be lengthy, use the article's talk page but note that in the |reason= parameter (|reason=See Talk at Contradiction description;).

As well as being visible in the source code for editors' benefit, the |reason= parameter is, if provided, displayed when the mouse cursor hovers over the "contradiction" link in the article. For technical reasons, this mouseover feature does not work if the reason text contains double quotes. Use single quotes instead, or use the code &quot; if it is essential to include a double quote.

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