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This template is for linking books or authors at Faded Page book archive for Distributed Proofreaders Canada (DPC).

Usage[change source]

  • Step 1: Find the author ID at the Faded Page website http://www.fadedpage.com
  • a) From the main page under "Browse...Author", choose the letter corresponding to the author's last name. For example, for "Edgar Rice Burroughs", choose the letter "B"
  • b) From the authors page for "B" find "Burroughs, Edgar Rice"
  • c) Click on an individual book title to view a book page
  • Step 2A: To link to the author:
    • Create the template like this:
{{FadedPage|id=Burroughs, Edgar Rice|name=Edgar Rice Burroughs|author=yes}}
The id is the string used to construct the url
The name is the author's name
The author must be "author=yes" to denote an author type link rather than a book type link
  • Step 2B: To link to a book:
    • Create the template like this:
{{FadedPage|id=20160704|name=Tarzan and the Lost Empire}}
The id is the eight digit string used to construct the url
The name is the title of the book

Arguments[change source]

  • id: the id at FadedPage.com website. See "Usage" above for how to determine.
  • name: The name of the author, or the title of the book. Can be anything doesn't have to match the Wikipedia page or the PGAU website.
  • author: Set to "yes" ie. author=yes if name is an author's name. Don't use if name = book title.
For book links, code template as {{FadedPage|id=201410E7|name=Animal Farm}} will produce:
Animal Farm at Faded Page (Canada)
For authors, code like this {{FadedPage|id=Leacock, Stephen Butler|name=Stephen Leacock|author=yes}} will produce:
Works by Stephen Leacock at Faded Page (Canada)

Notes[change source]

  • Faded Page links can be made to individual books or to author pages.

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