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Find sources: "Find sources"news · books · scholar · free images

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Using the template[change source]

This template produces links to search engines to help find sources for articles. Please do not use it in articles themselves.

The first parameter is the main word to search. If it is two words, it will search both words together (e.g. Albert Einstein will be searched as "Albert Einstein", not "Albert" and "Einstein").

If you put in more parameters (up to 4), you can search for more words. If there are words you want to keep out of the search, you can write a hyphen and put the words in double quotation marks (e.g. -"Marilyn Monroe" will keep out the words "Marilyn Monroe" from the search, but not "Marilyn" or "Monroe" by themselves). You do not need to add -wikipedia, as the template automatically does this for you. Also, you do not need to add -s for a plural (e.g. if you search for billiard, the search engine will match billiard and billiards).

If you do not use a parameter, the search engine will search for the name of the article. This might not be good for articles with disambiguated names, but if the name is sensible it might get better search results.

If |free=yes is added, Google News will only return free search results. Sometimes there are good sources that cost money, so please be careful. This parameter is best to use in discussions, not when using the template near the top of an article's talk page.

  • Simple example:
{{Find sources|Albert Einstein}}
Find sources: "Albert Einstein"news · books · scholar · free images
  • Complicated example:
{{Find sources|Albert Einstein|physics|-"Marilyn Monroe"|relativity|science|free=yes}}
Find sources: "Albert Einstein" physics -"Marilyn Monroe" relativity sciencefree news · books · scholar · free images