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{{Infobox NBA Player
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| image        = 
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| caption      =
| position     = 
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| league       =
| team         =
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| salary       =
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Parameters Usage Note
name The player's full name, in first-middle-last format. Do not put nicknames, sourced or not.
image The player's image. Optional
image_size The size of the image. Use only when there is an image Optional
caption The caption of the image. Write a concise and accurate statement. Image with only a player's face usually do not need a caption. Optional
position The player's position. Avoid using abbreviations. Optional
height_ft/height_in The player's height in feet and inches. When specifying, use single digits for each category. For example, for a player 6 ft 11 in (2.11 m) tall, the height_ft parameter should show "6", the height_in parameter "11".
weight_lbs The player's weight in pounds.
league The name of the league the player played in. Because this infobox can only be used on articles of NBA player, the default league should be the NBA. Both National Basketball Association or NBA are okay.
team The player's team. Do not put the team(s) that the player has formerly played for, as they belong to former_teams (below). Do not wikilink the team name.
team_link Use only if the team name does not match the team's article title. Optional
salary The player's salary. Optional
number The player's jersey number.
birth_date The player's birth date.
birth_place The player's birth place.
nationality The player's respective nationality. Optional
highschool The player's high school. Optional
college The college(s) the player attended prior to playing professional basketball. Optional
draft The player's draft pick number and draft round. If a player was not drafted, put Undrafted Optional
draft_year The player's draft year. Optional
draft_team The player's draft team. Optional
career_start The year in which the player started his career.
career_end The year in which the player ended his career.
former_teams The player's former team(s). Do not put the current team that the player is playing for, as that belongs to team
Should follow the format:
[[Team 1]] ([[season|year]]–[[season|year]])<br />[[Team 2]] ([[season|year]]–[[season|year]])
awards All notable awards that the player has won.
Should follow the format:
#× [[Award 1]]<br /><small>([[season|year]], [[season|year]])</small><br />#× [[Award 2]]<br /><small>([[season|year]], [[season|year]])</small>
Omit #× if the award is won only once.
To denote consecutive years, use endash instead of comma and omit the year in between.
If possible, use the full name of the award.
For NBA championships, put [[List of NBA champions|NBA Champion]]
For All-Star Game selections, put [[List of NBA All-Stars|NBA All-Star]]
For scoring titles, put [[List of individual National Basketball Association scoring leaders|NBA Scoring Champion]]
For Slam Dunk Contest winners, put [[NBA All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk Contest|NBA Slam Dunk Champions]]
profile The text between the last and second-last slashes in the URL of the player's NBA.com profile (linked at nba.com/players)
Kevin Garnett
No. 5 – Boston Celtics
Power forward
Personal information
Born May 19, 1976 (1976-05-19) (age 41)
Mauldin, South Carolina
Nationality USA
High school Mauldin HS
(Mauldin, South Carolina),
Farragut Academy HS
(Chicago, Illinois)
Listed height 6 ft 11 in (2.11 m)
Listed weight 253 lb (115 kg)
Career information
NBA Draft 1995 / 5th overall
Selected by the Minnesota Timberwolves
Pro career 1995–present
League NBA
Career history
Minnesota Timberwolves (1995–2007)
Career highlights and awards
12× NBA All-Star
NBA Champion
NBA Most Valuable Player
NBA Defensive Player of the Year
All-NBA First Team
(2000, 20032004, 2008)
All-NBA Second Team
(20012002, 2005)
All-NBA Third Team
(1999, 2007)
All-Defensive First Team
(20002005, 2008)
All-Defensive Second Team
NBA All-Rookie Second Team
NBA All-Star Game MVP
J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award
Stats at NBA.com
{{Infobox NBA player
| name = Kevin Garnett
| image = Kevin Garnett.JPG
| caption =
| league = [[National Basketball Association|NBA]]
| height_ft = 6
| height_in = 11
| weight_lb = 220
| position = [[Power forward (basketball)|Power forward]]/[[Center (basketball)|Center]]
| birth_date = {{birth date and age|1976|5|19}}
| birth_place = [[Mauldin, South Carolina|Mauldin]], [[South Carolina]]
| highschool = [[Mauldin High School|Mauldin HS]]<br />([[Mauldin, South Carolina|Mauldin]], [[South Carolina]]),<br />[[Farragut Career Academy|Farragut Academy HS]]<br />([[Chicago]], [[Illinois]])
| college = None
| team = Boston Celtics
| salary = 24,750,000
| number = 5
| nationality = [[United States|USA]]
| draft = 5th overall
| draft_team = [[Minnesota Timberwolves]]
| draft_year = 1995
| career_start = [[1995–96 NBA season|1995]]
| career_end = 
| former_teams = [[Minnesota Timberwolves]] (1995–2007)
| awards = 11-time [[NBA All-Star Game|NBA All-Star]]<br />
[[NBA Most Valuable Player Award|NBA Most Valuable Player]]<br /><small>([[2003–04 NBA season|2004]])</small><br />
[[NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award|NBA Defensive Player of the Year]]<br /><small>([[2007–08 NBA season|2008]])</small><br />
[[All-NBA Team|All-NBA First Team]]<br /><small>([[1999–2000 NBA season|2000]], [[2002–03 NBA season|2003]], [[2003–04 NBA season|2004]], [[2007–08 NBA season|2008]])</small><br />
[[All-NBA Team|All-NBA Second Team]]<br /><small>([[2000–01 NBA season|2001]], [[2001–02 NBA season|2002]], [[2004–05 NBA season|2005]])</small><br />
[[All-NBA Team|All-NBA Third Team]]<br /><small>([[1998–99 NBA season|1999]], [[2006–07 NBA season|2007]])</small><br />
[[NBA All-Defensive Team|All-Defensive First Team]]<br /><small>([[1999–2000 NBA season|2000]], [[2000–01 NBA season|2001]], [[2001–02 NBA season|2002]], [[2002–03 NBA season|2003]], [[2003–04 NBA season|2004]], [[2004–05 NBA season|2005]], [[2007–08 NBA season|2008]])</small><br />
[[NBA All-Defensive Team|All-Defensive Second Team]]<br /><small>([[2005–06 NBA season|2006]], [[2006–07 NBA season|2007]])</small><br />
[[NBA All-Rookie Team|NBA All-Rookie Second Team]]<br /><small>([[1995–96 NBA season|1996]])</small><br />
[[NBA All-Star Game MVP]]<br /><small>([[2003 NBA All-Star Game|2003]])</small><br />
[[Gold medal#Olympic Games|Olympic gold medal]]<br /><small>([[2000 Summer Olympics|2000]])</small><br />
[[J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award]]<br /><small>([[2005–06 NBA season|2006]])</small>
| profile = kevin_garnett