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Usage[change source]

The Infobox cricket tournament template may be used to summarise information about a specific cricket tournament, for example, 2007 Cricket World Cup. However, for a template to be used on an article detailing all of the specific tournaments use Template:Infobox cricket tournament main.

2007 ICC Cricket World Cup
Dates23 December 2007 – 12 January 2008
Administrator(s)International Cricket Council
Cricket formatOne Day International
Tournament format(s)Round robin and Knockout
Host(s) West Indies
Champions Australia (4th title)
Participants16 (from 97 entrants)
Matches played51
Attendance439,028 (8,608 per match)
Man of the SeriesAustralia Glenn McGrath
Most runsAustralia Matthew Hayden (659)
Most wicketsAustralia Glenn McGrath (26)
{{Infobox cricket tournament
| name = 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup
| image = ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 logo.png
| imagesize = 100px
| fromdate = 23 December 2007
| todate = 12 January 2008
| caption = Logo of the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup
| administrator = [[International Cricket Council]]
| cricket format = [[One Day International]]
| tournament format = [[Round robin]] and [[Single-elimination tournament|Knockout]]
| host = {{cr|West Indies}}
| champions = {{cr|Australia}}
| count = 4
| participants = 16 (from 97 entrants)
| matches = 51
| attendance = 439028
| player of the series = {{flagicon|Australia}} [[Glenn McGrath]]
| most runs = {{flagicon|Australia}} [[Matthew Hayden]] (659)
| most wickets = {{flagicon|Australia}} [[Glenn McGrath]] (26)
| website = 
| previous_year = 2003
| previous_tournament = 2003 Cricket World Cup
| next_year = 2011
| next_tournament = 2011 Cricket World Cup

{{Infobox cricket tournament
| name = 
| image = 
| imagesize = 
| fromdate = 
| todate = 
| caption = 
| administrator = 
| cricket format = 
| tournament format = 
| host = 
| champions = 
| count = 
| participants = 
| matches = 
| attendance = 
| player of the series = 
| most runs = 
| most wickets = 
| website = 
| officially opened by =
| official song =
| previous_year = 
| previous_tournament = 
| next_year = 
| next_tournament = 

Parameters[change source]

Parameter Explanation
name Insert name of tournament. Use the common name, typically name of article, if multiple names are used. If omitted it defaults to the name of the article. If included but left blank, infobox will show no title.
image Insert image name. Use only the file name such as abc.jpg, xyz.png, 123.gif, etc. Do not use syntax such as [[Image:abc.jpg]] or [[Image:abc.jpg|200px]]
imagesize Set the width of the image, such as 100px. Only needed if the image is smaller than 200px so as to avoid upscaling.
caption Insert caption for the image.
administrator Insert the tournament's organiser, for example, the International Cricket Council.
cricket format Insert form of cricket played: e.g. Test, One Day International, Twenty20 or First-class.
tournament format Insert how the tournament is played: e.g. round robin, league and/or knockout.
host Insert the host name if it is an international competition. If this is the case use the Template:Cr template.
champions Insert team that won the tournament, e.g. {{cr}}.
count To show how many times the team has won the tournament, e.g. 1st or 4th.
participants Insert the number of teams that competed in the tournament. For prior qualifying series, please be as precise as possible.
matches Insert how many matches were played.
attendance Insert the number of people who attended the tournament throughout.
player of the series Insert the {{flagicon}} template as appropriate and the name of the person who was named player of the series.
most runs Insert the player who scored the most runs.
most wickets Insert the player who took the most wickets.
website Insert the official website of the tournament.
officially opened by Insert the name of the celebrity who declared the tournament open
official song Insert the name of the official song for the tournament
previous_year Insert the year that the previous edition of this tournament was held
previous_tournament Insert the name of the article for the previous edition of this tournament (without any links - the template will automatically add the link). This will not be used unless 'previous_year' is also used.
next_year Insert the year that the next edition of this tournament was/will be held
next_tournament Insert the name of the article for the next edition of this tournament (without any links - the template will automatically add the link). This will not be used unless 'next_year' is also used.