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Transit type{{{transit_type}}}
Number of lines{{{lines}}}
Number of stations{{{stations}}}
Daily ridership{{{ridership}}}
Chief executive{{{chief_executive}}}
Began operation{{{began_operation}}}
Operation will start{{{operation_will_start}}}
Ended operation{{{ended_operation}}}
Reporting marks{{{marks}}}
Number of vehicles{{{vehicles}}}
Train length{{{train_length}}}
System length{{{system_length}}}
Track gauge{{{track_gauge}}}
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Minimum radius of curvature{{{minimum_radius_of_curvature}}}
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Template documentation[view] [edit] [history] [purge]

Parameter list and definitions[change source]

Name Parameter Required Definition
Name name No Name of transit system; default:Article Name
Image image No Filename of image for the header (typically a logo, but photo can be used if no logo is available)
Image size imagesize No Size of image defined above; default:300px
Image image2 No Filename of second image for the header (allows for use of a picture if the logo was used for the first image parameter)
Image size imagesize2 No Size of second image defined above; default:300px
Locale locale Yes City or region transit system is located
Transit type transit_type Yes Type of transit system. Types may include (one or more):
Began operation began_operation No Date system operations began
Ended operation ended_operation No Date system operations ended
System length system_length No System length (use {{convert}} to display both U.S. and metric units)
Lines lines No Number of lines/routes
Vehicles vehicles No Number of transit vehicles
Stations stations No Number of stations/stops
Daily ridership ridership No Daily system ridership
Track gauge track_gauge No Track gauge (use template – see Category:Rail transport gauge templates)
Reporting marks marks No Reporting marks of transit operator
Operator operator No Operator of transit system (typically a subsidiary of the system's owner)
Owner owner No Owner of transit system (if different than operator)
Average speed average_speed No Average speed (if known; use {{convert|0|mph|km/h|abbr=on}} or {{convert|0|km/h|mph|abbr=on}} to display both U.S. and metric units))
Top speed top_speed No Top speed (if known; use {{convert}} as used with average speed)

Usage[change source]

Copy and paste[change source]

{{Infobox Public transit
|name = 
|image = 
|imagesize = 
|locale = 
|transit_type = 
|began_operation = 
|ended_operation = 
|system_length = {{convert|0|mi|km|abbr=on}}
|lines = 
|vehicles =
|stations = 
|ridership = 
|track_gauge =
|reporting marks = 
|operator = 
|owner =
|average_speed = {{convert|0|mph|km/h|abbr=on}}
|top_speed = {{convert|0|mph|km/h|abbr=on}}

Example[change source]

An example from the Port Authority Trans-Hudson rapid transit system:

{{Infobox Public transit
|name = PATH
|image = placeholder.png
|imagesize = 200 px
|locale = Northern [[New Jersey]] and [[Manhattan]], [[New York]]
|transit_type = [[Rapid transit]]
|began_operation = [[1908]]
|system_length = {{convert|13.8|mi|km||abbr=on}}
|lines = 4
|stations = 13
|ridership = 239,200
|track_gauge = {{RailGauge|sg}} ([[standard gauge]])
|marks = PATH; formerly HDM
|operator=Port Authority Trans-Hudson
|owner = [[Port Authority of New York and New Jersey]]
OwnerPort Authority of New York and New Jersey
LocaleNewark / Hudson County, New Jersey and Manhattan, New York
Transit typeRapid transit
Number of lines4
Number of stations13
Daily ridership239,200
Began operation1908
Operator(s)Port Authority Trans-Hudson
Reporting marksPATH; formerly HDM
System length13.8 mi (22.2 km)
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) (standard gauge)