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This template is used group together Navigation boxes

Parameters[change source]

title (optional)

Text to be placed in title of this box. Defaults to: Links to related articles.

state (optional)

collapsed to show this template in its collapsed (hidden) state
expanded to show this template in its expanded (fully visible) state
autocollapse to show this template in its collapsed (hidden) state only if there is another collapsible template on the page
Defaults to: collapsed.

list (required)

The templates to be grouped.

Usage[change source]

| title = England Squad World Cup
| state = expanded
| titlestyle = background: lightblue <!-- hexcode can also be used, like #AAFFFF (default=violet) -->
| list1 = 
{{England Squad 1950 World Cup}}
{{England Squad 1954 World Cup}}
{{England Squad 1958 World Cup}}
{{England Squad 1962 World Cup}}
{{England Squad 1966 World Cup}}
{{England Squad 1970 World Cup}}
{{England Squad 1982 World Cup}}
{{England Squad 1986 World Cup}}
{{England Squad 1990 World Cup}}
{{England Squad 1998 World Cup}}
{{England Squad 2002 World Cup}}
{{England Squad 2006 World Cup}}
{{England Squad 2010 World Cup}}

which gives

Coordinates template[change source]

The {{coord}} template can now be included in the group. Just remember to set the "display=" parameter equal to "inline" thusly: {{coord|18|30|N|64|30|W|display=inline}}. This enables the coordinates to appear no matter what skin you're in. The {{coord}} template can even be nested in a Navbox titled Geographic locale, which is already found on many country pages.

{{Template group
|title = [[File:Gnome-globe.svg|25px]]{{nbsp}}Geographic locale
|list = 
'''{{coord|18|30|N|64|30|W|display=inline}} <font color="darkblue">(British Virgin Islands)</font>'''

Succession boxes[change source]

If succession boxes are listed first a <span> is need to have the template display correctly (see example below).

Also, any instances of |- in a succession box should be replaced with {{!}}-

| list1 =
{{start box}}
{{succession box 
 | before = [[Seán O'Grady]]<br><small>([[Fianna Fáil]])</small>
 | title  = [[Fianna Fáil]] [[Teachta Dála]] for [[Clare (Dáil Éireann constituency)|Clare]] 
 | years  = 1951–1973
 | after  = [[Brendan Daly]]<br><small>([[Fianna Fáil]])</small>
{{succession box two to two
 | before = [[Jack Lynch]]
 | title1 = [[Minister for Education and Science (Ireland)|Minister for Education]]
 | years1 = 1959–1965
 | after  = [[George Colley]]
 | title2 = [[Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment (Ireland)|Minister for Industry & Commerce]]
 | years2 = 1965–1966
{{succession box
 | before = ''Newly created office''
 | title  = [[Minister for Labour (Ireland)|Minister for Labour]]
 | years  = 1966–1969
 | after  = [[Joseph Brennan (Irish politician)|Joseph Brennan]]
{{succession box
 | before = [[Frank Aiken]]
 | title  = [[Minister for Foreign Affairs (Ireland)|Minister for Foreign Affairs]]
 | years  = 1969–1973
 | after  = [[Brian Lenihan]]
{{succession box
 | before = ''New office due to Irish membership of the EEC''
 | title  = [[List of European Commissioners by nationality#Irish Commissioners|Irish European Commissioner]]
 | years  = 1973–1976
 | after  = [[Richard Burke]]
{{succession box
 | before = [[Albert Coppé]]
 | title  = [[European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs & Equal Opportunities|European Commissioner for Social Affairs]]
 | years  = 1973–1976
 | after  = [[Henk Vredeling]]
{{succession box
 | before = [[Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh]]
 | title  = [[President of Ireland]]
 | years  = 1976–1990
 | after  = [[Mary Robinson]]
{{end box}}
{{Fianna Fáil Leaders}}
{{Uachtaráin na hÉireann}}