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When to use[change source]

You may add this template only to articles that contain no sources of any kind.

Do not add this template
  • In articles that have some citations, but not enough, the {{more sources}} template should be used instead as a general template, or the {{nosources section}} template for specific unsourced sections.
  • In articles containing a list of sources at the end, but no inline citations, consider {{no footnotes}} when the article would be significantly improved by detailed attribution of sources to specific claims.
  • Watch out for lists of general references that someone has incorrectly listed under ==Other websites==. If the link leads to a reliable source that supports some article content, then that website is a reference, not an external link.
  • Other templates, listed below, should be used when the sources are inadequate for other reasons.
  • Be bold! Consider searching for references and adding them to the article, instead of this template.
  • See Wikipedia:Biographies of living persons for guidance on dealing with unreferenced biographies of living people.
  • Consider not adding this template to very brief stubs, since anyone visiting the page can see, in a single glance, that it contains no citations.

How to use[change source]

{{nosources | date = {{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}} }}

Categories[change source]

This template puts pages into Category:All articles lacking sources. If a date is given, it also puts the page into a category such as Category:Articles lacking sources from November 2021.

If the first unnamed parameter is set to section, the template instead adds the page to Category:Articles needing additional references.

Related pages[change source]

  • {{BLP unsourced}} — Variant of this template for biographies of living people
  • {{Nosources section}} — Variant of this template for a specific section
  • {{Fact}} — For marking a particular claim as needing a source
  • {{More sources}} — Has some sources (or at least one source), but would benefit from more
  • {{Primary sources}} — Dependence on primary sources without reliable published interpretation
  • {{Unreliable sources}} — Dependence on unreliable sources
  • {{One source}} — Dependence on a single source
  • {{No footnotes}} — to indicate article has references (perhaps wrongly listed as external links or further reading), but not inline citations

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