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Description[change source]


Produces a flag icon attached to a wikilinked national rugby union team article.

  • nation: Use either the name of the nation or a three-letter country code, as specified by ISO, IOC, WR or FIFA (most should work)
  • variant (optional): Specifies an alternate (historical) flag to use. This parameter is documented by the appropriate template in Category:Country data templates.
  • size (optional): Can be used to change the flag icon size (use sparingly!)
  • name (optional): Can be used to change the wikilink display text
  • noflag (optional): A switch to turn off the flag display when set to any value. e.g. 1, or "true", etc.

Examples[change source]

Standard examples with country names or 3-letter country codes:

Examples showing effect of optional parameters:

  • {{ru|South Africa|1928}} South Africa
  • {{ru|ZAF|1928|name=South Africa XV}} South Africa XV
  • {{ru|England|name=ENG}} ENG
  • {{ru|France|name=FRA}} FRA
  • {{ru|Tonga|noflag=yes}}Tonga
  • {{ru|Scotland|noflag=true}}Scotland
  • {{ru|ARG|name=Argentina XV|noflag=1}}Argentina XV

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