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This template can be transcluded onto the user talk page of any IP address belonging to an educational institution such as a school or college. It provides a warning notice to editors and users from the IP, and categorises pages to Shared IP addresses from schools.

Usage[change source]

 | name of school or institution
 | host = name of host in the format "proxy.example.edu"

To prevent excessive clutter on the user talk page, and to make future changes easier, this template should NOT be subst:ed. The parameter for hostname is optional.

Other templates[change source]

  • {{SharedIP}} is a general version for use with non-educational establishments
  • {{SharedIPCORP}} is a version for use with corporations
  • {{anonblock}}, where editing by unregistered users may be currently disabled
  • {{schoolblock}}, where anonymous editing is disabled due to persistent vandalism