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Usage[change source]

Marks a string by ISO 15924 code of script. Switch between {{cuneiform}}, {{Coptic}}, {{Gaelic}}, {{Hebrew}}, {{Nastaliq}}, {{runic}}, {{Slavonic}}.

The Nasta'liq script is considered a font variant by both Unicode and ISO 15924. Use ur-Arab, ps-Arab or fa-Arab to access {{Nastaliq}}.

unaddressed is the selection of individual Chinese typefaces (Hani), should be solved via {{lang}}.

  • 𒈗
  • 𐏈
  • 𐃌
  • 𐌇𐌀𐌓𐌉𐌊𐌀𐌔𐌕𐌉
  • 𐤒𐤓𐤕 𐤇𐤃𐤔𐤕
  • ᚛ᚑᚌᚐᚋ᚜
  • ᛬ᚱᚢᚾᚨ᛬
  • أبجدية عربية
  • אלפבית עברי
  • Template:Script/Syriac
  • Кириллица
  • азъбоукы
  • 𐌲𐌿𐍄𐌹𐍃𐌺
  • այբուբեն
  • देवनागरी
  • அரிச்சுவடி
  • อักษรไทย
  • དབོད་ཡིག
  • ⲙⲉⲧⲣⲉⲙⲛⲭⲏⲙⲓ

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