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negative zero point one two six three eight

The Template:Spellnum spells the number in parameter 1 as the equivalent words in English. It shows how to say a specific number, such as: 2,024 – "two thousand twenty-four". The largest number supported is just below 1 billion, with up to 5 decimal digits: 999,999,999.12345. However, commas are not allowed.

Usage:  {{spellnum|345}}         → three hundred forty-five
{{spellnum|345|sp=en}} → three hundred and forty-five   (has "and")
{{spellnum|0.64}}   → zero point six four
{{spellnum|12.015|case=u}} → Twelve point zero one five
{{spellnum|946000121}} → nine hundred forty-six million one hundred twenty-one
{{spellnum|33+1/2}}   → thirty-three point five
{{spellnum|2450|adj=on}}   → two-thousand-four-hundred-fifty

Optional parameters are:

case=U (or: case=L) - show as upper-case capital or lower-case.
sp=en (or: sp=us)   - show British variant spellings with "and".
adj=on   - show adjective form, with hyphens between words.
See also
  • Template:sp - to insert 1 space of text:  xx{{sp}}xx → xx xx