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This template allows one to link one twinned town or city with another. It uses the following parameters:

  1. town - complete name of the article on the twinned city
  2. country - name of the country
  3. country - in plaintext, eg if the actual page is Luxembourg (country), put Luxembourg here to make the right flag link, if it is exactly the same as the page link - eg France - just repeat parameter 2
  4. year - year = 4 digit year of twinning (optional)
  5. date = day and month of twinning (optional, is shown only if the year is given). Example: September 14
  6. town = needed if the direct link to the town contains brackets - this should be written without the brackets (optional)

Fictitious examples :

  • {{Towntwin|Carrara, Italy|Italy|Italy|town=Carrara}}
    Italy Carrara (Italy)