The Elephants' Graveyard (1976)

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The Elephants' Graveyard is a 1976 British drama television play. It was written by Peter McDougall for the BBC's Play for Today. It stars Billy Connolly and Jon Morrison.

It was filmed in Greenock, Scotland. It was released on DVD in 2006.

The total running time is 49 minutes.

Story[change | change source]

Two strange unemployed men meet in an old house in the woods. They find out that they both are pretending to work.

They spend the day together with drinking and deep conversations.

Quotes[change | change source]

You get neither chance nor choice. You leave school and straight to work without even thinking about it. Then you get married without even knowing about it. Then spend the rest of your days using both as an excuse for never have done anything with your life.

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