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The Fixx are a new wave and rock out of London, England. The major songs from the group include "One Thing Leads to Another" and "Saved by Zero". Both were released during 1983.

College partners Cy Curnin (for the vocals) and Adam Woods (drums) got together and formed the group in 1979. At first the group called themselves the Portraits.[1] The pair were later joined by keyboardist Rupert Greenall, guitarist Tony McGrail and the bassist Russell Mckenzie. The last was replaced by Charlie Bennett. The Portraits issued two records under Ariola Records: "Little Women" (1979) and "Hazards in the Home" (1980).[2]

Later in 1980, McGrail left the band. At this point, the band adde guitarist Jamie West-Oram. The band then changed their name to The Fix. This version of the band recorded under 101 Records. They had their first single "Lost Planes" in February 1981. In those early days, West-Oram was simply billed as Jamie West.

The Fix's raised profile led to them being offered a contract by MCA Records. The record label, however, worried about the potential drug user implication of the group's name. MCA wanted a name change before signing them to the label.[3] A deal was then reached. The band changed the spelling of its name to The Fixx.

The group's first studio album was Shuttered Room in 1982. This album had the initial hit songs "Stand or Fall" and "Red Skies". Both in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

The group's second album Reach the Beach, was their most commercially successful album. It was certified Platinum by the RIAA. The singles "One Thing Leads to Another" and "Saved by Zero" were released off the album.[4] Both these singles hit the U.S. Top 40. "One Thing Leads to Another" was the band's biggest hit (#1 in Canada, #4 in the United States).

The 1984 album Phantoms had the hits "Are We Ourselves?" and "Sunshine in the Shade".

In 1986, the group had their fourth album Walkabout. This album had the single "Secret Separation". The songhit #1 on Billboard Magazine's Album Rock Chart.

In 1989 the Fixx had their only release for RCA Records, Calm Animals. The album had another #1 hit on the Album Rock chart, "Driven Out".

The band released other albums between 1990 and 2012.

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