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The Smiler operating on opening day in 2013

The Smiler is a Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster located at Alton Towers in Staffordshire, United Kingdom. It has 14 inversions. The Smiler holds the world record for the roller coaster with the most inversions. The riders must be 140 centimetres (55 in) tall to ride the smiler. The top speed is about 50 mph (80 km/h).[1] Riders experience about the same G-Force as a drag car driver (about 4.5 Gs).[1] The roller coaster had a series of problems and ride incidents. One such event delayed its official opening by two months. The Smiler finally opened to the public on 31 May 2013.[2] It has two cars and can hold up to 18 passengers at a time. On June 2, 2015, two cars collided on the ride. 16 people were trapped with 4 being seriously injured.[3]

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