Theo Waigel

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Theodor Waigel (2012)

Theo Waigel is (* 22 April 1939 in Oberrohr, Bavaria) a German Politician (CSU). He was the Finance Minister between 1988 and 1999 and the Chairman of the CSU, respectively.

Personal life and work[change | change source]

Theo Waigel obtained his High School Degree at the Simpert-Kraemer-High School, in Swabian Krumbach Waigel immatriculated at the Facultys of Law and political Science in Munich, later in Wurzburg. He successfully earned his Bachelor of Law in 1963, in 1967 he obtained the Master of Law and finished with a PhD with his essay about the Constitutional system of the German especially the Bavarian Agriculture. The first job of Mr. Waigel was an Assessor for the Attorney General at the Regional Court in Munich I, in 1969 he took over a new assignment as a Personal Secretary for the State Secretary in The Finance Ministry, Bavaria. In 1970 he took over the same job in the Ministry of Transport.

After his political career, he worked for German Investment Counselling Inc. as well as the Electrical Company ENBW as a Member of the Board of Directors.

Theodor Waigel, married again. Irene Epple, his second wife, gave birth to three children.

In a short TV-serial, The Affair Semmeling from Dieter Wedel, he had a small guest role in his previous position as a Finance Minister.