Therese Johaug

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Therese Johaug in February 2019

Therese Johaug (born 25 June 1988) is a Norwegian professional cross-country skier. She won the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2013 – Women's 10 kilometre freestyle.

Johaug will not (as of August 2017) be able to qualify for the Olympic Games in 2018.

Doping and not being allowed to compete for 18 months[change | change source]

Johaug has (as of August 2017) a suspension for doping in sport. She cannot compete for 18 months, after 13 October 2016.

FIS, or International Ski Federation, made the doping case go to CAS, or Court of Arbitration for Sport;[1] FIS did this, because the organization thinks that the punishment is not long enough. Her case was heard on 6 June 2017.

The decision (from CAS) about punishment, was: suspension for 18 months.[2]

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