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Thirunallar is a small town in the district of Karaikal, Puducherry Union territory, India. It is on the banks of Noolaaru River and Vanchiaaru River in the north and the banks of Arasalar River in the south.

Thirunallar is specially famous for the temple dedicated to Lord Shani, or Lord Saturn. The temple is named after him, Thirunallar Saniswaran temple. The main deity of the town is Lord Dharbharanyeshwarar, a form of Lord Shiva.

Thirunallar Dharbaranyeeswarar temple and tank (also known as Saniswaran temple)

The temple of this town is the only temple dedicated to Lord Shani in the whole world. Whenever Lord Saturn passes from one zodiac sign to the other (Sani Peyarchi), millions of people comes to Thirunallar for worshiping the lord. The Nala theertham or Nalan kulam is the temple tank of this temple, which is said to be washing away all misfortunes caused by karma. That is why Lord Shani is renowned as "the dispenser of Karma".

Thirunallar is believed to be named for King Nala, the king of the country of Nishadha.

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