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Three's Company is an American situation comedy. It aired on the ABC network. It began in March 1977 and ended in September 1984.

The show is a remake of the British sitcom Man About the House. Nowadays[when?] the domestic distribution rights are handled by creator Don L. Taffner's estate and the international rights are handled by FremantleMedia (whose company Thames originated the sitcom Man About the House).

The show is set in Santa Monica, California. It is about a man pretending to be gay so his landlord won't evict him, it is also about financial struggling such as the roommates not being able to pay their rent. The sitcom heavily relies on innuendo and sexy misunderstandings. It is also a comedy of errors. The show had two spinoffs also based on Britcoms: The Ropers (George & Mildred) & Three's a Crowd (Robin's Nest).

The series was later the subject of the made-for-TV movie Behind the Camera: the Unauthorized Story of Three's Company. The movie showed how cast changes led to the show ending.

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