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A baby being tickled

Tickling is to lightly scratch, touch, or rub a person or animal to make them laugh. For some people, it causes pleasure and happiness. Others hate it. Tickle spots are feet, armpits and sides of stomach.

Tickling Yourself[change | change source]

It is believed by many that tickling yourself is very hard and by some that it is nearly impossible. Research shows that the brain notices and senses our movements and actions. This lets the brain prepare itself when we try to tickle ourselves. The unexpected senses are then cancelled by our brain so we don't feel the reaction we would have if someone else tickled us when we least expected it.

Unlike others, some people in the world know how to tickle themselves. This is because they know the tickling spots in their body and are able to use other objects to tickle themselves. For example, they can use a piece of tissue and rub it against their stomach to tickle themselves. Tickling may be relaxing, may also be painful!