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A three-month-old baby laughing

A laugh is a way of showing happiness. It is a vocal sound which a person makes when something is funny, like a joke, or a tickle.

Sometimes people laugh when they are not happy. When people are ashamed or embarrassed, sometimes they react by laughing.

There are different ways to laugh. A person can laugh using mostly their voice, mostly their throat, or mostly their nose.

You can write a laugh in different ways. Some people write "ha ha ha", or "he he he", or "hehe". If they are on the internet, they also use "LOL". "LOL" does not sound like a laugh, but it stands for Laughing Out Loud.

Human babies first laugh at the age of around three or four months, usually as an expression of surprise. Babies' laughter often produces a positive response in adults who will involuntarily copy the child. Video footage, on the YouTube site, of babies laughing was shown to Queen Elizabeth II during her visit, on 16 October 2008, to the Google headquarters, where both she and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh were reduced to 'fits of giggles'.[1]

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