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Tokyo Imperial Palace

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Map of the Imperial Palace and surrounding gardens
Aerial photograph of Imperial Palace of Japan in 2019

Tokyo Imperial Palace (皇居, Kōkyo; literally, "Imperial Residence") is the official home of the Emperor of Japan.[1] It is the site of the old Edo castle.[2]

The Imperial Palace is in the Chiyoda area near to Tokyo Station.

The kōkyo is a large park-like space in central Tokyo.[3]

The palace complex has several buildings. including the main palace (Kyūden (宮殿). There are also the private homes of the imperial family and the offices of the Imperial Household Agency.

Traditionally, the home of the emperor is called a palace. The location of the palace has been considered the capital city of Japan. Since 1868, the center of the government of Japan and the location of the Emperor's home has been Tokyo.[4] From 794 through 1868, the emperor lived in Kyoto.[5]

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