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{{Infobox television | show_name = Total Drama | image = File:Total Drama Logo.png | image_size = 200 | image_alt = | caption = The main Total Drama series logo | genre = Animation Drama [[Reality television Comedy Adult animation]

| creator =

| based_on = Survivor (franchise) | developer = | writer =

| director =

  • Todd Kauffman (1–2)
  • Mark Thornton (1–2)
  • Jennifer Pertsch (3)
  • Tom McGillis (3)
  • Keith Oliver (3–5)
  • Chad Hicks (3–5)

| creative_director = | presenter = Christian Potenza as Chris McLean

| starring =

| theme_music_composer = Voodoo Highway Music & Post Inc. | opentheme = Template:Theme song | endtheme = "I Wanna be Famous!"
(Alt. Arrangement) | composer = | country = Canada | language = English | num_seasons = 5 | num_episodes = 120 (including specials) | list_episodes = List of Total Drama episodes

| executive_producer =

| runtime = 22 minutes
44 minutes (specials)

| company =

| distributor = Cake Entertainment | network = Teletoon | channel = | picture_format = HDTV 1080p | audio_format = | first_run = | released = | first_aired = July 8, 2007 (2007-07-08)[1][2] | last_aired = November 20, 2014

| related =

| website = | production_website = }} Total Drama is a Canadian adult animated television series in the Canada that aired with currently six Total Drama seasons premiere ordered by Cartoon Network From June 12, 2008 to October 16, 2015.

Seasons[change | change source]

There are currently six seasons in the Total Drama series that have aired below the airdates listed in the table are from the original American airings.

Total Drama Island[change | change source]

Total Drama Island is the first season of the series. It first premiered on June 12, 2008 on Cartoon Network in the United States. This season takes place at Camp Wawanakwa, a fictional island located somewhere in Muskoka, Ontario to meet the host Chris McLean, where the season is based on a summer camp theme (although a contestant is eliminated at the end of every episode). Like the whole series, this season is a competition to see which of the twenty-two characters which are: Beth, DJ, Gwen, Geoff, Lindsay, Heather, Duncan, Tyler, Harold, Trent, Bridgette, Noah, Leshawna, Katie, Sadie, Ezekiel, Cody, Eva, Owen, Courtney, Justin and Izzy will survive and last the longest. This is because the contestants are brutally tortured along the way through the intense challenges they are given. Challenges are sometimes based on other reality shows like Fear Factor and Survivor. All of this is so that the winner of the season (the one to last the longest on the island and not get eliminated), will win a small fortune of C$100,000 and cheesy fame. Eliminated contestants are sent packing toward the Dock of Shame and must ride the Boat of Losers off the island.

Total Drama Action[change | change source]

Total Drama Action is the second season of the series. It premiered on June 11, 2009 on Cartoon Network in the United States It is a sequel to the first season of the series, Total Drama Island. In this season, fourteen characters from Total Drama Island returned: Geoff, Bridgette, Harold, Leshawna, Owen, Duncan, Beth, DJ, Trent, Gwen, Heather, Izzy, Justin and Lindsay. Courtney returns later on in the season due to a lawsuit. In this season, the contestants are taken to a brand new location: an old film lot in the center of Toronto, Ontario. The challenges are now based on movie genres, and the grand prize is now C$1,000,000. Cody, Noah, Ezekiel, Eva, Katie, Sadie, and Tyler do not return to compete, but still appeared for the aftermath special, an extra show which was hosted by Bridgette and Geoff, the first two eliminated contestants. All losers must take the Walk of Shame on the red carpet and ride the Lame-o-sine.

Total Drama World Tour[change | change source]

Total Drama World Tour is the third season of the series. It premiered on June 28, 2010 on Cartoon Network in United States. In this season, seventeen contestants are taken on a trip around the world as they compete in cultural themed challenges based on the countries or regions that they visit. An added twist in this season is that the contestants are required to break spontaneously into song, or else be immediately eliminated by Chris (although this rule was not strongly enforced, and no one was eliminated for not singing anyway). seventeen of the original and new characters from Total Drama Island returned: Courtney, Duncan, Heather, Gwen, Leshawna, Lindsay, Owen, DJ, Harold, Noah, Cody, Ezekiel, Izzy, Tyler, Bridgette, Alejandro and Sierra also joined the cast at the beginning of this season. Additionally, a third new character, Blaineley, was brought on to compete past the halfway point of the season. Geoff, Eva, Katie, Sadie, Trent, Justin, and Beth did not return to compete, but have instead appeared for the aftermath specials. The prize for this season is also C$1,000,000. People are eliminated by jumping off the Drop of Shame.

Total Drama Revenge of the Island[change | change source]

Total Drama Revenge of the Island is the fourth season of the series. The series' extension was commissioned by Cartoon Network from the producers, that premiered in the United States on June 5, 2012. This season returns to Camp Wawanakwa (the original setting of the first season), but no contestants from previous seasons return. Instead, a new set of thirteen contestants compete, which are: Jo, Scott, Zoey, Mike, Lightning, Brick, Beverly, Dawn, Dakota, Anne Maria, Staci, Cameron and Sam. However, some characters from the original cast still have cameo appearances throughout the season. Also, due to the island being abandoned for the past two seasons, Chris had lent the island to a biohazardous waste dump company, causing the island to turn radioactive. This means that causes of radiation and toxic waste is the main theme for this season. This season only contains 14 episodes (half the length of a regular season), and the cash prize is once again C$1,000,000. The contestants are eliminated off the island by the Hurl of Shame.

Total Drama All Stars and Pahkitew Island[change | change source]

Total Drama All Stars and Pahkitew Island is the fifth season of the series, while the season premiered on September 10, 2013 on Cartoon Network in the United States. This segment is 26 episodes long, just like some of the previous seasons. Total Drama All Stars features the fourteen contestants from the previous two seasons, which are: Mike, Zoey, Lightning, Cameron, Sam, Scott, Jo, Courtney, Gwen, Duncan, Heather, Lindsay, Sierra and Alejandro. They all compete in several "Heroes vs. Villains" themed challenges, which means that the protagonists (heroes) team up and compete against the antagonists (villains). People will now be eliminated by taking the Flush of Shame and the winner once again takes home C$1,000,000. Total Drama Pahkitew Island takes place at a new location, this time on an island called Camp Pahkitew located somewhere in Western Canada. A new set of fourteen contestants compete in this season, which are: Ella, Sky, Max, Dave, Leonard, Beardo, Amy, Samey, Jasmine, Topher, Sugar, Scarlett, Rodney and Shawn. And the Eliminations take place via the Cannon of Shame and features another one million dollar grand prize. Pahkitew Island features various similar elements to Camp Wawanakwa but the island is much bigger.

Total Drama Ridonculous Race[change | change source]

Total Drama Ridonculous Race is the final and sixth season of the series. It Premiered on September 7, 2015 on Cartoon Network in the United States. Meet the New Host Don as 18 teams which are: Carrie and Devin (The Best Friends), Kelly and Taylor (Mom and Daughter), Emma and Kitty (The Sisters), Crimson and Ennui (The Goths), Noah and Owen (The Reality TV Pros), Jay and Mickey (The Adversity Twins), Ryan and Stephanie (The Daters), Jacques and Josee (The Ice Dancers), Brody and Geoff (The Surfer Dudes), Dwayne and Junior (Father and Son), MacArthur and Sanders (The Police Cadets), Chet and Lorenzo (The Stepbrothers), Jen and Tom (The Fashion Bloggers), Rock and Spud (The Rockers), Laurie and Miles (The Vegans), Ellody and Mary (The Geniuses), Leonard and Tammy (The LARPers) and Gerry and Pete (The Tennis Rivals) as they travel around the world and take home C$1,000,000 to the Chill Zone.

Episodes[change | change source]

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