Transactinide element

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Transactinide elements are elements that have atomic numbers greater than the actinides. They have atomic numbers from 104 to 120.

They are all synthetic and radioactive. They range from 104 rutherfordium to 118 oganesson on the periodic table.

They are very rare and are created artificially in laboratories through nuclear reactions involving heavy nuclei.These elements are extremely unstable and only exist for a very short time before decaying into lighter elements through radioactive decay. Because of their instability, transactinide elements do not occur naturally on Earth and must be synthesized in particle accelerators.

The term "transactinide" comes from the Latin words "trans" (meaning "beyond") and "actinium," which is a radioactive element. This name reflects the fact that transactinide elements have atomic numbers beyond that of actinium.

These elements are characterized by their extremely short half-lives, which range from microseconds to milliseconds. Due to their fleeting existence, transactinide elements are challenging to study, and much of what is known about them comes from theoretical predictions and experiments conducted.