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Transcription may mean:

  • Transcription (linguistics), the conversion of spoken words into written language. Also the conversion of handwriting, or a photograph of text into pure text
  • Transcription (genetics), the process of copying DNA to RNA by an enzyme called RNA polymerase (RNAP)
  • Transcription (music), either notating an unnotated piece, common in ethnomusicology, or rewriting a piece, either simply recopying (as for clarity), or as an arrangement for another instrument
  • Medical transcription, documentation of patients medical records
  • Piano transcription, a piece of music played on one or more pianos that is an approximation of a source piece of music
  • in computer speech recognition, transcription is the process of having a speech recognition system/software listen to prerecorded voice and then make it insert the recognizable words into a document for later correction

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