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Trinity College, Cambridge

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Trinity College Chapel

Trinity College is a college of the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England. Trinity has more students than any other college in Cambridge or Oxford. It is also the wealthiest Oxbridge college. It owns the O2 Arena.[1] It is one of the three royal colleges.[source?]

Trinity College was formed by King Henry VIII in 1564 when two colleges merged together. These two colleges were Michaelhouse, which had been formed by Hervey de Stanton in 1324, and King's Hall, which had been formed by King Edward II in 1317 and formed again in 1337 by King Edward III.

Two members of the British royal family and six British prime ministers have studied at Trinity College.[source?]

Of the 90 people from Cambridge who have won Nobel prizes,[2] 32 were from Trinity College.[2][3]

Famous people who have studied there include Isaac Newton (who went there in 1661), Charles III and Ludwig Wittgenstein.[4]

The first time that the rules of association football were written down was at Trinity in 1848.[5]

Trinity College's Wren Library is the biggest library at Cambridge. It has around 300,000 books and is open to the public.[6][6]


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